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Small Flower Floral Sequin Applique with a similar design to the larger MA742



Width: 35mm

Small Floral Sequin Applique MA741


    Flower Floral Sequin Applique with petals and centre in contrasting colours with iron-on back.


    Outer sequins are larger and matt in the gold, silver and pink, glossy in the blue and holographic in the bright neon pink colourways. 


    Inner sequins are smaller, with matt silver in the gold and pink colourways, matt bronze in the silver, matt gold in the blue, and holographic purple in the neon pink colourway.


    These contrasts give a mixed sparkle.

    Ideal for upcycling, of jackets, tshirts, jeans or other outfits as well as bags theatrical costumes, fancy dress and in millinery.


    Colours may vary from images.

    Neon Pink is brighter and more Neon than photos show.

    We have limited stock and items are not repeatable.

    Patches are Iron-on.

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