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TRADITIONAL LACE > Broderie Anglaise

BRODERIE ANGLAISE or Eyelet Lace is a form of lace made up of cut out round or oval holes or eyelets, pierced in material (typically cotton) bound with stitching and often featuring other embroidered designs.


Though the style seems to originate in the 16th Century, in the present day Czech Republic, it’s most associated with England, where it was popular in underwear and children’s wear between 1840 and 1880.


Though originally Broderie Anglaise was exclusively white, it is now produced in a variety of colours.


Broderie Anglaise combines delicacy and robustness. It is typically associated with daywear rather than lingerie used either as a trim or layered over a contrasting fabric. It is also used in children's clothes, in bedlinens and curtains to give a traditional feel.


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