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Decorative Glitter Metallic Organza Ribbon with lots of sparkle in gold and silver. Ribbon is semi-transparent and double sided (both sides look the same). Holds well in spirals.


Perfect for wrapping presents at Christmas and for other gifts, floral arrangements or in hair.


Great for costumes; dance stage, performance, fancy dress, though might not stand up well to repeated washing. Could be used for wedding decoration, crafts, dress, on a hat, boho, festival. Homewares or Interior design; table cloth, cushion, lampshades. 

Width: 25 mm

• Ribbon will be sent in one continuous length where possible. Please note: Comes in 25 yard rolls.

Metallic Gold Silver Lame sparkle organza ribbon trim MA677


    Colours may vary slightly from the images.

    These are not hardwearing ribbons and might not stand up well to repeated washing

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