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🐕 Down Shep! 🐕 New Jacquard ribbons ideal for dog collars - Part 1

👋How is everyone doing out there? 👋

Hope you are all safe and well and coping with all the changes 😷.

I'm still being pretty cautious and just beavering away here at Mokshatrim Towers.

Next for your delectation are some NEW narrow jacquard ribbons! These guys are just crying out to be made into dog collars! (and the even better news is that there are more to come soon in part 2!).

So without further ado.....here's a selection....🥁

These are all available on the website now. Some designs I only have limited stocks of - sorry!

Keep an eye on your emails for Part 2 soon!

Keep safe and keep colourful, everyone, Alison

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