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Decorative Indian Jacquard ribbon trim with shiny relief geometric pattern of diamonds in bright colours in woven silver background bordering a central rainbow-coloured striped band. Negative image on ribbon reverse.


7 colourways in this listing; Burgundy Red, Cherry Red, Hot Pink, Ochre Brown, Pumpkin Orange Apricot Orange, Honey Yellow. Other colourways are available M11BM11 and M11


Silver thread gives a beautiful lux sparkle or sense of drama. Great for costumes; dance stage, performance, fancy dress, colourful wedding decoration, crafts, dress, on a hat, boho, festival. Homewares or Interior design; table cloth, cushion, lampshades. Would be great for cat or dog collars.

Width: 17mm

• Ribbon will be sent in one continuous length where possible.

Asian Indian Rainbow Diamond Ribbon M11B


    Colours may vary slightly from the images.


    We have limited stock and items are not repeatable.