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Beaded Sequinned Gold Heart Applique.

Sold as single appliques.

Width: 67mm Height: 63mm

Beaded Sequinned Gold Heart Applique MA787

SKU: MA787

    Gold Tulle heart applique embroidered with gold and silver metal threads.

    Design features black, red, pink, green, yellow and white pearl-like beads in a circular design resembling flowers with coloured sequins. The heart is crossed with a knotted silver metallic ribbon.

    Would be good to bring sparkle to an outfit or bag or could be used to make badges or for upcycling on jeans.

    Appliques are sew-on NOT iron-on.



    Colours may vary from images.

    We have limited stock and items are not repeatable.

    These are sew-on NOT iron-on.

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