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Gold Goldwork Applique Frog Fastening


Indian Asian gold goldwork (also described as coilwork or zardozi) are handmade with silver or gold coloured metal threadwork woven into a fabric base.


These appliques feature two heart shaped designs in silver and gold foil work and gold sequins, with both more matt and subtle sparkle areas backed with white canvas.


The central clasp is finished with a pearlised bead. Would be suitable as a rich fastening on an outfit or bag. Could also be used for Indian bridal or wedding outfit.


Appliques are sew-on NOT iron-on.

Sold as a single complete frog fastening.

Width: 113mm Height: 50mm

Gold Goldwork Applique Frog MA754

SKU: MA754

    Colours may vary from images.


    We have limited stock and items are not repeatable.


    These are NOT iron on.

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