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Decorative Jacquard ribbon trim in two colourways.

Width: 50mm

• Ribbon will be sent in one continuous length where possible. (Ribbon comes in approx. 9m rolls).

FULL ROLL Indian Geometric Tribal Jacquard Ribbon Ribbon M166


    Asian/Indian ethnic decorative jacquard ribbon with a geometric design of elongated diamonds with a border.  

    This is NOT SOLD BY THE METRE as the ribbon design is made for a whole length of sari so the design is not consistent throughout, though there will be areas where the design is similar.

    Threads used have a sheen, which gives a rich sumptuous feel. Woven finish on reverse.

    Bright Green has a darker green background with bright green and golden yellow threads.

    Royal Blue has a dark blue background with royal blue and golden yellow threads.

    Ribbon comes in approx. 9m rolls. Please bear this in mind if you need a continuous piece.


    Colours may vary from the image.

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