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Iron on Fashion Applique

Sold as single appliques

Surfer Lady - Width: 22mm Height: 54mm

Aloha - Width: 46mm Height: 22mm

Surfboard - Width: 20mm Height: 46mm

• For multiple items change quantity in cart.

Beach Surf Aloha Applique MA7005


    Iron on shaped Appliques with embroidered designs. Surfer Lady with embroidered blonde hair, red bikini and red surfboard with blue flower on pale pink background. Aloha in multicoloured embroidery on a sparkly irridescent background. Surfboard flower in purple, green and white on a yellow background.


    Ideal for a bit of summer colour, as patch on jeans or t-shirts or for costumes and fancy dress.



    Colours may vary from images.


    We have limited stock and items are not repeatable.


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