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Gunmetal Sequin Floral Beaded Applique


Flower floral applique made with metallic gunmetal faceted sequins arranged in overlapping layers towards a central gunmetal beaded stamen.


These patches are very three dimensional. They are subtly sparkly and have a classy but vintage feel.


Ideal for upcycling perhaps as a repeated motif all over a garment, for jackets, t-shirts, jeans or other outfits as well as bags theatrical costumes, fancy dress and in millinery.


Patches are sew-on NOT iron-on.



Width: 40mm

Gunmetal Sequin Floral Applique x3 MA727

SKU: MA727

    Colours may vary from images.


    We have limited stock and items are not repeatable.


    Patches are sew-on NOT iron-on.

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