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How's your Mental Health?

Mental health has been in the headlines more than ever and we all understand why eh!

I believe it is so important to be honest about our mental health.

It's so easy to look around and think everyone has everything sorted and it's only you who is struggling.

Well I'm here to say ....

I suffer from anxiety and depression

It's something I've probably suffered with all my life but it really started to impact me in 2005.

I have a family history of serious mental health issues, which impacted my childhood. I also have a bit of a perfectionist, Type A personality and I've always been a little more stressed and emotional.

Luckily I was able to get help. Though it took a while and a few doctors!

I'm now on antidepressants and they have helped me live a 'normal' life. I'm continuing to deal with my underlying issues, day by day.

Let's face it we all have issues!

Most of us just muddle along.

It's only when you reach a point of crisis that you are forced to deal with things. A breakdown is the body's way of saying ENOUGH.

You have to stand back, take stock and make changes.

My mental health issues lead to me leaving my career as a Public Librarian, which had been incredibly stressful due to all the austerity cuts in Councils, and in time lead to me setting up Mokshatrim.

I am so much happier and healthier as a result.

I wish I could teach people what I have learned.

The need to be aware that:

  • we all have an inner critic and not to listen to it too much

  • when our body tells us we are knackered and need a rest it’s ok to rest

  • we are good at being kind to others but often fail to be kind to ourselves

  • none of us are superman/superwoman!

  • mental health issues are NOT a sign of weakness.

  • mental health issues are VERY COMMON. You are not suffering alone.

  • poor mental health does not mean you are stupid!

I try to:

  • relax more

  • have a routine

  • not to do too much

  • be creative

  • plan to take breaks during busier times

  • be aware of my stress levels and how my body feels

  • switch off at weekends and in the evenings

  • stop using my phone, iPad, computer at least an hour before I go to bed

  • take time to observe and appreciate my surroundings

  • practise mindfulness a few times a day

  • go for a walk everyday

  • give my animals lots of hugs

  • meet and chat with friends and family

These tools have all helped me. I hope they help you.

To anyone who is struggling at the moment.

I'm sending out a huge hug.

I’m always available for a chat.

Check out these familiar faces, from different walks of life, that suffer(ed) from mental health issues.

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