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Are you ready for the return of the Bee?

Great British Sewing Bee follow this year's sewers
Great British Sewing Bee follow this year's sewers

Is it just me or has the Great British Sewing Bee come along at just the right time!

It's been a tough lockdown and now we need to emerge as the butterflies we are with a little Bee inspiration to help us along. (And I'm always keen to check out the haberdashery corner).

I've been checking out the contestants (and following them of course).

(Image credits: BBC1)



Adam was taught to sew by his Nan, aged 6 (so cute!).

He knits for his 18-month-old nephew.

Adam loves the stage and studied Performing Arts at University.

Sewing style: nautical, the glamour of classic films and iconic entertainers.

Adeena, 40 @deesewcialspace



Adeena is all about family and loves organising feasts for her large Pakistani family.

She sews for herself and her sisters.

She has lots of creative hobbies including painting, sketching and woodwork.

Sewing style: Fusion of Pakistani heritage and British style

Andrew, 54 @andrew.aspland



Andrew has also been sewing since he was a small boy after watching his mum and grandmother.

The Church plays a very important role in Andrew’s life. He enjoys making vestments for his partner who is a priest.

His other hobbies include bellringing or making stained glass windows.

Sewing style: bold fabrics and eye-catching menswear.

Cathryn, 57 @cathrynwaudby



Cathryn has been sewing for over 50 years making both clothing and quilts.

A dinner lady for 25 years but now semi-retired, Cathryn loves spending time on her allotment.

Her other love is music. As an ardent David Bowie fan her cat is named Ziggy Stardust.

Sewing style: likes to use recycled fabrics and avoid waste.

Damien, 39



Is self taught and only started sewing three years ago when a pair of his work trousers needed altering.

His other hobbies include craft ale making, woodwork, riding his motorbike and playing the guitar.

Sewing style: Practical

Farie, 34



Farie's talent for sewing was nurtured at school where she studied Fabrics and Fashion at GCSE.

She loves design and creativity and enjoys making colourful outfits for her two young daughters and the creative outlet that sewing provides.

Farie likes to keep fit competing in an indoor walking challenge in lockdown.

Sewing style: Colourful

Julie, 62



A former dancer who worked across Europe.

Julie has been sewing since she was young. She makes her own clothes and has even won prizes for her dresses at the races.

She hasn't sewn menswear yet as her partner Paul says she's "too wacky".

Sewing style: Bright and bold

Lawratu, 37



Lawratu is an active member of the local Women’s Institute and enjoys all kinds of crafting, including needlework and knitting.

She taught herself to sew and began making her own clothes six years ago because she didn’t like the fit of items in the shops.

Sewing style: Vivid prints inspired by her West African heritage.

Raphael, 34 @raph_sew_and_so



Raph has dyed cloth for high-profile movies but only got into sewing during lockdown.

He’s still developing his own sewing style, saying ‘I’m a DIY sewer, because I’m self-taught. So I don’t necessarily use pins. But then, I also don’t like unpicking things!’

Other hobbies include playing the trumpet in two London orchestras and gymnastics training.

Sewing style: stylish menswear




Jean has an identical twin called Jeanette.

Sewing runs in the family. Their Dad made an extra set of baby clothes when not one but two babies arrived unexpectedly! So it's not surprising really that Jean started sewing as a child.

She uses art to help children, teenagers and adults through difficult life experiences.

Today she creates clothes for herself and her partner Jo.

Sewing style: Day to day clothes

Rebecca, 23 @rebeccamaydesigns



Rebecca studied textiles at A-Level after starting to sew at age 4.

Likes fast projects she can make and wear quickly, admits she has "a habit for not reading the instructions and just ploughing through" (don't we all!)

She is a huge sports fan supporting Scunthorpe United, as well as scoring goals of her own on the netball court.

As a member of a local amateur dramatics group, she has played the Good Fairy in a recent pantomime and is also a dab hand at the piano.

Serena, 21 @serenasews_



At 21, Serena is this years youngest sewer.

Serena taught herself sewing from YouTube as a teen and is a big fan of sustainable style, she loves "refreshing" charity shop garments and creating her own unique garments.

Serena’s eventual aim is to create a completely unique, ‘me-made’ wardrobe.

Sewing style: Upcycling. Killing Eve’s iconic character Villanelle is her style icon: “she’s a bit androgynous and I’ve always been into wearing brogues and high waisted trousers.”

What to expect....

The format is the same with one contestant eliminated each week.

A little bird tells us that the first episode will include:

  • the Pattern Challenge - create a versatile classic sleeveless blouse known as a "shell" top

  • the Transformation Challenge - turn old t-shirts into completely new garments for men, women or children.

and look out for

  • International Week

  • 1940s week

  • Classic clothing week

  • 8 piece Baker Boy Cap pattern challenge

  • transformations from

    • wetsuits (ooh er)

    • scarves

    • army surplus

    • curtains

    • parachutes

I'm so looking forward to it already. Roll on Wednesday!

I think my favourites, so far at least, are Faire, Adam and Raph. What do you think?

Keep safe, keep colourful.



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