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Brexit thoughts......

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

So we left the EU on Friday evening.

I feel like I have been in mourning since the election result and desperately avoiding watching any related TV coverage.

I still don't understand it, but I have to accept it. I did my best. I voted. I marched. But it did no good.

I'm going to give away my age here, but I was around 11 months old when we entered the EU.

I've never known any different.

As a child my Dad, who was a teacher and was fascinated by languages, took us in our motorhome for long summer holidays, often for 3 or more weeks to Europe, every couple of years.

I've visited the US quite a few times now but my sense of culture shock has always been far greater than visiting Europe, despite the language issues!

I've always been fascinated by other ethnicities and cultures and I value the multi-ethnic nature of modern Britain.

I'm so ashamed by our Imperialist history and the atrocities carried out during that time, but also realise that that is in part why we have the multi-ethnic country we have today.

I am trying to see the positive in Brexit. I'm so glad all the uncertainty is over. The Leaver versus Remainer politics, finished, in part due to the huge majority.

In the shadow of the 75th anniversary of the Liberation of Aushwitz and the end of WW2, my greatest fear now is not the economic effects Brexit might bring but the racial effects.

I'm afraid of the anti-immigrant opinions, that seem to have been given permission to crawl out from under the dark rock they had been under.

So that will be what I fight for and march for now. Against racism in all it's forms.

We may have lost the fight against Brexit but this is a fight we can't afford to lose.

Stay colourful! Alison

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