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Bet you thought Part 2 was never coming! More Jacquard ribbons!

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👋How is everyone doing out there? 👋

Hope you are all safe and well 😷and looking after your #mentalhealth.

I have more NEW STOCK jacquard ribbons for your delectation.

I thought I'd start with a lovely 🌟BIT OF SPARKLE.

Because we all need more of that this time of year!

Any of these designs would be great to add a bit of luxury to an item, whether you want to go colourful, classic or ethnic.

Our narrow jacquard designs are always popular, so I've added a few more designs!

And there's a few more....

These are all available on the website now. Some designs I only have limited stocks of - sorry!

Keep safe and keep colourful everyone, Alison

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