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We are open as usual

How is everyone out there? A bit freaked out?


Coronavirus is a great leveller and we are all going though it together!


As humans we all need to be kind, look after ourselves, our neighbours and family and take it a day at a time.


My priority is YOUR safety


  • I am working from home, otherwise known as Mokshatrim Towers!

  • When preparing orders ​I'm​ following UK Government and Public Health England Advice 

    • washing my hands thoroughly
    • ​disinfecting all surfaces

There may be some delay in delivery

I'm aware there are delays in Royal Mail services.


For the latest please check Royal Mail Coronavirus Updates https://www.royalmail.com/coronavirus.


How safe is my order?

Orders are packaged in as clean as environment as possible and packaged with kraft cardboard in plastic polybags.

It is possible that the virus can survive on plastic surfaces and on cardboard it can last up to 24 hours*.

It is harder to advise as to whether, or how long coronavirus can survive on fabric surfaces. 


The belief is, that it can last longer on non-porous surfaces (like stainless steel, laminates etc. ) than it lasts on porous surfaces (like fabric).

PLEASE - As a precaution

  • Quarantine your order for 24 hrs before opening.

  • Wipe down the polybag with a disinfectant and wash your hands

Any updates will be posted by email and to my social media, so it's worth following them to keep right up to date.


If you have any queries - please let me know! I'm happy to help in any way I can.


Keep safe!


Love Alison

*For more see:





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