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AFRICAN WAX PRINT MATERIAL comes in precut 1m pieces

Also available in green.


Digitally printed ethnic african wax fabric (ankara) with batik cog and square design in yellow, white and black. From DaViva Ultimate range.


Design is typical of Adire textiles made in southwestern Nigeria, West Africa by Yoruba women, using a variety of resist-dyeing techniques.


100% cotton. Ideal for crafting, quilting, dressmaking, bagmaking, upholstery, lamp making.

Ultimate by Da Viva

Width: 113 cm (44.5 inches)

• Fabric will be sent in one continuous length where possible *

Yellow Black Cog Printed Batik Style Adire Fabric MA820

SKU: MA820

    ****** Fabric comes precut into 1m pieces *****


    Most African wax fabric has a wax finish. Fabric should be washed to remove this and allow for any shrinkage before sewing.

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