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Indian Asian Silver Goldwork Boxing Applique Badge.

Sold as single appliques.

Diameter: 68mm

Boxing Badge Goldwork Applique MA755

SKU: MA755

    Indian Asian gold goldwork (also described as coilwork or zardozi) are handmade with silver or gold coloured metal threadwork woven into a fabric base.

    This circular badge applique features a classic traditional boxing club design with boxing gloves, ring and a beaded royal crown on red and blue felt background ringed in black. The design is highlighted in both gold and silver matt goldwork backed with black canvas. 

    Would give a traditional look to a plain blazer or would be a good feature for any upcycling project on jeans, jackets or bags.

    Appliques are sew-on NOT iron-on.



    Colours may vary from images.


    We have limited stock and items are not repeatable.


    These are NOT iron on.

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