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18" (c. 46 cm) Black and 24" (c. 61 cm) Dark Grey open end chunky plastic heavy duty nylon zipper suitable for jackets.


Zipper teeth: Chunky Plastic

Type: Closed bottom

Zipper pull : Black/Dark Grey metal round ended tab (see images)

Zipper pull length: 3.4 cm (c. 1.3 ")

18" 24" Black Dark Grey Open end Chunky Plastic Zip ML896

SKU: ML896
£1.50 Regular Price
£0.75Sale Price

    Zipper part length: 18" (c. 46 cm) Black and 24" (c. 61 cm) Dark Grey

    Overall zipper length: 19" (c. 48 cm) Black and 25" (c. 63.5 cm) Dark Grey

    Zipper closed width: 31 mm

    Zipper teeth closed width: around 5mm


    Colours may vary from images

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