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The new stock keeps coming!

👋How is everyone doing out there? 👋

Hope you are all safe and well and not going too crazy in lockdown.

Here at Mokshatrim Towers, I'm working from home as I usually do, trying to get NEW STOCK added for you! Keeps me out of mischief and the routine really helps.

So without further ado let me sprinkle some colour on your day ...... 🥁

This is a gorgeous variation on an existing, very popular design in blue.

I love the strong cerise, turquoise, lime yellow on this ribbon, it just zings!

Such rich colours, this reminds me of Turkish Delight (my Grandad's favourite), a bit of eastern promise.

Again such beautiful colours with a lovely sheen.

And who doesn't like a bit of gold with a bit of glitter.

Below are NEW to the website. These are ribbons which, are designed for a full sari, with a repeating pattern, a bit like a series of panels.

These are available as a 9m sari roll. There aren't many mind, so get in quick!

Beautiful rich Indian colours.

Very geometric but classic.

Beautiful bird design.

Gorgeous shades of purple.

Really rich blood red, gives great contrast with the golden yellow.

Lovely design in striking blue.

Chequered design in a warm rust orange brown.

Keep an eye on your emails for more new stock soon!

Keep safe and keep colourful, everyone, Alison

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Tommy Sanford
Tommy Sanford
15. Juli 2022

Good shaare

Gefällt mir
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